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But by all means~!! Please add me ;~;. I'm lonely~~ *Wibbles*

Oct. 18th, 2008

Julie found a girl at her youth group last night who's drabbling in japanese bands. So far she loves An Cafe and Gazette... BUT IT IS NOT ENOUGH. Julie has officially vowed to EDUCATE HER in the art of following asian bands. Which means... I need to go on a downloading spree.

But here comes the question. What fanfiction, music, music videos, TV shows, band dramas (No normal dramas, I'll give her some of those next time XD) and anything else relating to J/K stuff should I download for her?????
There's actually fanfiction for Pong. You know, the game. Pong. Two white lines hitting a ball back and forth.

... Pong.
My sister has introduced me to paper craft - She's noticed all of the origami I've been doing lately (Namely the modular swan that I'm working on now that has 500 pieces >>;;) and showed them to me and now I'm addicted.

At this rate, my hands are going to be covered in paper cuts. When will I ever stop playing with paper?

...(The dragon I tried a few days ago failed. Seriously. It looks more like a horse)

So now I've just finished printing out a Cryptex... And then, I'm going to tackle the Howl's Moving Castle one. Which will take me WEEKS, but it looks AWESOME.

May. 11th, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Umma~!!!

I'm not going to be here to celebrate, but I love you D:. <333 (I know I already posted on FB. I couldn't resist XDD)

I suppose this goes for Wookie too. o.o. Happy Mother's Day Wookie? *Confused look*

Blood stained the deck, and Yehsung watched in fuzzy horror as the pirate fell to the floor.


“Are you okay?”


Urgency tinged the voice, but Yehsung didn’t answer, instead choosing to lean his back against the wall and stare blurrily at the knife protruding from his enemy’s back. He gasped a little, closing his eyes in pain, clutching at the locket that hung still and cold around his neck.


He felt a strong pair of arms take him by the elbows, and guide him into the room beside them; the lanterns on the sides of the captains quarters swinging to the tune of the battle overhead. He dazedly followed his saviour’s instructions and sat on one of the scattered chairs lining the table with the map lying atop it and drank from a tiny bottle, one that his new friend had offered. His eyes started to go a little black around the edges.


“You have a pair of caterpillars on your face” Yehsung helpfully informed the man now tearing away his shirt in a hurry to inspect his bullet wound. He marvelled a little at how his eyesight snapped back into focus. “Great, big, black furry ones.”


Skilled fingers found blood, and ripped away pieces of fabric to use as a makeshift bandage. The newcomer looked worried.


“Huge ones.” Wince. “Right where your eyebrows should be.”


Silence, then the man pulled him to his feet. The great windows that surrounded the captain’s quarters had shattered sometime during the previous fray, and it was here that a staggering Yehsung was lead to look out over the swirling ocean; the moon glittered peacefully in the sky, as though mocking, somehow, the horror that was occurring below its gaze. Yehsung looked down, then up, then at the moon again. Land rippled in the moonlight.


Then they jumped, and water swirled up to meet them.  




Julie left her computer running, and left the room – I don’t think she saw any harm in doing so, but look~!! I can type~!! I’m so much smarter than she thinks I am, really, but I guess that’s a side effect of always watching her type and and tell me stories. But I bet none of you ever expected me to be able to do this, did you? Didyoudidyoudidyou? 83333~!!!


I think Julie’s angry at me, though… She didn’t seem to like the way I was kissing her neck the other night. It was just an innocent gesture~!!! I wonder what was wrong? ANDAND she keeps pushing me away when I demand attention~!!! What is this?!?! I just want some innocent attention, and for her to play a game with me or something, or, for goodness sakes, FEED ME A TREAT NOW AND THEN (Because I know I’m good enough to be spoiled :D)… But she seems to be too busy typing away on this thing~!!


… I wonder what she’s been up to… Oh~!! She’s coming… GOTTA GO~!!